Shongweni Brewery - Order cancelled after payment made and delivery assured

Not resolved

Earlier this year we ordered a 30L keg of Cherry Beer from Shongweni Brewery, a micro-brewery who we have supported for about 2 years now.We sent the order a little late and they came back and said they can't help us because they have huge functions on.

Because this has already happened but still wanting some beer for my birthday, we went and saw them at the Farmers market 3 weeks beforehand to get an assurance they could supply, which they duly did only to cancel our order this Tuesday 4 June when my party was scheduled for 8 June...4 days before hand.

They are totally unprofessional, they don't respond to emails for days at a time, they do not acknowledge receipt of payment.

Their communication is terrible and they would rather support large companies than the small people who made them what they are today. Just over a year ago or so when these new owners took over they were considering discontinuing this Cherry Beer and we convinced them not to. Now they are so busy they can afford to forget the small people.

They only offer compensation for screwing up your plans AFTER you scream and shout and complain...Do not buy their beer, they are a bunch of liars and appear to now be turning into corporate whores.

Review about: Cherry Beer.

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